April 15th, 2005

Brian and Anne

I thought I was supposed to be getting better...

It seems that wednesday and thursday wore me out, because last night I was coughing something awful and had a rough time getting to sleep and now I can't speak or make a sound without coughing, it seems. At least I have work stuff I needed to read that I could do while lying down, and I have my notes with me from CHI that I've been meaning to type up. I don't want to get everyone at work sick, but I also don't want to take more time off. Working for home will be easier once I get a work laptop.

Our taxes weren't so bad, once I'd re-done them enough times I had the forms memorized. ;)

We owed on federal, but get a refund from Michigan. Funny how that is. substantial benefit from having donated my car to the local public broadcasting station. Michigan gives you a lot of credit for michigan-specific contributions. Every little bit helps.

The flowers are out, the sun is shining. I just wish I could, you know, breathe. I hear it's good for your health or something.
Brian and Anne

Thesis on Identity Politics

My friend Jamie Heckert has submitted his PhD Thesis, Resisting Orientation: On the Complexities of Desire and the Limits of Identity Politics

and you can read it at

I fancy I had something to do with heading Jamie toward this topic, having been the first woman he found himself attracted to back when he had spent his life identifying as gay (despite tremendous pressure from his Iowa home town and family). Grinnell College, where we went to school, had a wonderful GLBT community and yet even it had political striations along GL/B/T lines (GLBT is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, for those who don't know). I hope his work gets a lot of attention.