March 30th, 2005

Brian and Anne

This is Design

Matt Jones posts about a talk he attended back in architecture school by Jan Kaplicky:

First, he brought up a moody, black-and-white, Anton Corbijn-esque picture of Richard Meier - black cashmere turtleneck and all; dramatically lit against horizontal window blinds. The archetypal Howard-Roark pose.

Kaplicky boomed: "This is not design. This is not a designer." and flicked the slide to a sunny snap of a carpark at Boeing, full of the hundreds of people on the design team there for the 757 smiling and waving up at the camera (I think): "This is design. These are designers"

Brian and Anne

Tai Chi Warm Ups

I was just trying to type up instructions for a friend, thought I'd share. This was the first of two warm-ups we would do before the Tai Chi form when I was studying with Gabriel Chin. It has 6 moves. Between each move and the next one, come to a complete rest with your arms at your sides and your feet comfortably shoulder width apart. Breathe. Then move on to the next move.

1. bounce gently, legs shoulder width apart or slightly wider, 144 times.

2. rotate your shoulders, left and then right and repeat - rolling them forward four times and then backward four times.

3. extend your hands sideways (very similar to a tai chi move called head in the clouds) - with legs spread a little and comfortably bent, extend the right hand out from chest level to the side while sweeping the left hand across your body, up your side, back across your face (almost brushing your forehead with your fingertips) and then extend the left hand while doing the reverse with the right. Turn your head and body as the hand crosses the face so your focus follows it. This is not a chop but it is a similar extension of the arm where the edge of the hand leads - hand relaxed but not limp.

4. feet together, crouch, then stand and go up on your toes while inhaling and circling your hands in the air : even with your chest, extend your hands forward from the chest then swing them apart and out to your sides - lower them and crouch and repeat four times, then repeat another four times only circling the hands in the other direction -as you rise throw them out to the sides then bring them together and back to your chest in front of you. it's almost a swimming motion.

5. step forward and to your left and, keeping both hands next to each other, draw a horizontal circle out from your chest around to your left side, then draw your hands back to your chest while inhaling. repeat four times then step forward and to the right and circle from the chest around to the right, inhaling as you draw your hands back to your chest. repeat in this direction four times. then step forward to your left again and circle your hands out from the side around to the front and back in to your chest. repeat four times then step forward to the right and repeat again, hands extended out to the right and then circled inward and drawn in to the chest.

6. draw three circles in the air. (too complicated to describe) repeat four times to each side.