March 14th, 2005


small tree saved by snowbank. details at 8

There was just a very low speed accident in front of our house. Our neighbor across the street backed out of their driveay and ran into a woman whose car was in their way. I don't know if she had just turned into the street or what, because I didn't look up until I heard the quiet crunch of her fender complaining about meeting up with his rear bumper.

But I get the feeling the woman wasn't too bright.

She gets out of her car to complain to him. He tells her he'll pull forward and over to the curb out of the center of the street. As he pulls away it becomes clear that her car, which is still running, either isn't in park or doesn't have the parking brake on - it starts rolling slowly at an angle toward our front burm. I'm glad I felt confident that at that speed it wouldn't make it over the pile of snow there, because it was heading straight for a small fruit tree and, past that, toward our house. And this woman runs around to the driver's door, which is open, and then, instead of reaching in to pull the emergency brake, she *closes* the door, and runs alongside the car as it picks up speed (it's going downhill) and then stops as the front tire fails to climb quite all the way over the snow piled at the corner of our driveway. All the way she's making little patting gestures at the car as if she could somehow hope to slow it down that way.

Then she leaves the car, running, with no brake on, slanted at an angle up on our front curb, while our neighbor shows her that her front fender is hardly scratched. They don't exchange any info; she then drives away.

Lesson to take home, kids: Do not try to stop a car from *beside* the car. Get inside and use the brakes. that's what they're there for.