March 7th, 2005

Brian and Anne

now gmail is slow...

Why is it so hard to get reliable email in this day and age? My email is working again. I wrote to tech support a couple weeks ago and they said I should be sending SMTP requests through port 587 not port 25. Who knew?

Yesterday I started to notice my gmail seemed ... slow. or was possibly dropping mail. I was seeing comments on my LJ that I hadn't been notified of through email. Now a co-worker just confirmed that he sent me an email to that account yesterday afternoon that I haven't gotten yet. It would have been so nice to be able to do a liesurely review of that paper yesterday.

Instead I dropped a whole lot of time reading a discussion on Electrolite which was good for some laughs and also reminded me of why I still want to write/edit a new American history textbook for junior high and high school levels.

I realized in that discussion that I am perfectly willing to consider someone to be intelligent and capable of cogent thought and still call them a stupidhead. Sometimes it's good to understand this sort of thing about oneself...