January 24th, 2005


ConFusion was great! And now, to rest...

I am home from ConFusion and starting to hit the haze of post-con tiredness. In retrospect Krysta and Brendan agreed that I was more tense this weekend than last year and yet many things went much more smoothly and I had much more fun.

I definitely spent much of the weekend in the slightly overwrought state where excessive happiness was bringing tears to my eyes, but that's better than any other cause for tears, so I didn't mind. Again in retrospect, my shoulder was really bothering me for most of the weekend and I was ignoring it rather than medicating and icing it (until Sunday), so that was an additional stressor. I actually lost my nice shoulder strap-on ice pack Saturday morning, but happily the hotel lost-and-found had it and I now have it back. I still don't know where I put it down when I lost it, but I'm very glad to have it in the end.

I was also stressing a bit over the "what comes next" question, which makes me wish I had checked my email Thursday night. I would have learned that Jim, who called me today shortly after I got home, had sent me a summary of benefits and is working on putting together a job offer letter. I'm still trying not to be too optimistic... well, and I'm too tired to have a full emotional reaction, but really this is wonderful news.

I had a wonderful convention. As far as I can tell so did many others and this makes me very happy. There were of course too many wonderful people there to get in a decent visit with all of them, so I focused on the special opportunities that this year offered, which meant that I mostly hung out with Steven Brust, Lorraine Garland and her friend Judy Wurl, Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, John Scalzi, Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Fred Levy Haskell. This was facilitated by the fact that they often hung out at the bar when not on panels, so it was easy to stop by for a few minutes before my phone rang again...

I also made it a priority to soak in as much of the music as I could, attending the concert Friday night (which was just as fabulous as I'd hoped!), the late-night smoking music program Friday after the reception, the minn-stf music party Saturday, and the late-night smoking music program Saturday night (and the dead dog party, which turned into a music party). I was particularly pleased that my phone didn't ring (or rather, vibrate) at all while I was at the minn-stf party. I hope nobody thought it was too obnoxious of me to walk in and plunk myself down on the floor in the middle of the circle, as I absolutely adored being there.

Saturday evening was one of the few times I went offsite, for a really nice quiet dinner of Thai food with Bill and Laura (the_leewit). My main regret was that I didn't find the right moment for a substantial visit with Aimee and Joe and the baby, or with Emily and the rest of that crowd. It was always nice to see them but we didn't really get to talk. Also I was hoping to spend more time on Saturday night with Bill, but after dinner I crashed for a nap (that was nice, he hung out and rubbed my tired legs and chatted with Laura while I slept) and then I wanted to make a circuit of the con before hitting the scotch tasting and he went looking for the scotch tasting and didn't find it (it was moving around) and we lost each other. After a while of looking for him I learned he had decided to go to bed (I went on to stay up until 5 or so). That was the main moment at which I wished that we hadn't loaned Bill's cell phone to my head of Ops for the weekend.

My phone did ring (or vibrate, you know what I mean) fairly regularly, but all of the concom and staff did a fabulous job and every issue that came up was resolved with a few small exceptions that weren't worth stressing over. The hotel people were splendid as usual, uber-volunteer Matt Fanny was terrific as usual, Krysta did a wonderful job as programming head and hotel liaison, Chuck gave me ample hugs, and Geri Sullivan was a marvelous presence throughout the weekend, especially as re: the one-hour one-shot but also because her enjoyment of people and the con was of the same pitch and melody as mine, and so we riffed off of one another in joy.

Though I didn't spend much time with him, Bill was his usual supportive self before and during the con and especially Sunday evening when he helped with pack out and ordered me to sit in the bar and eat with the loving, understanding smile that hits a special spot in my heart.

I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend with him at the end of this week. A normal, regular weekend, with no working or conrunning. Just a little basement remodeling.

And as for right now, I'm heading for a nap.

Thank you all for a most wonderful con.
Brian and Anne

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