December 9th, 2004

Brian and Anne

Still 30 and happy...

Let's see...

Monday Krysta and Brendan and I had a good meeting with our hotel detailer and our main sales contact at the Troy Marriott, talking about ConFusion. Hearing people point out it was just over a month away might have caused a little panic to threaten in my throat, but I managed to keep it mostly in check.

Tuesday I went swimming with Krysta - this was the first time I tried swimming since injuring my right shoulder, and I was pleased with the results. We spent half an hour doing laps and half an hour on lessons - I was helping Krysta work on swimming with her head under water. Tuesday lessons were mainly focused on fun things and convincing her that getting water up her nose wouldn't kill her. She took a lot of water up her nose with amazingly good cheer (the whole not dying thing probably helped) and has asked if I want to do it again, so I must not have scared her too much. Hopefully we will do it again, though I do need to remember to do some more christmas shopping sometime soon and scheduling is getting tight.

After Swimming I joined Matt and Rachel and Tammy in starting to prep a postcard mailing for ConFusion - Matt and Rachel and I eventually took the mailing party to Tios and lots of people pitched in. We got some 2200 postcards labeled and stamped by 11:30 which was wonderful. I got mine in the mail today. First class mail is a lovely thing. Big kudos to the Tios crowd who helped us out.

I had physical therapy Monday and Wednesday but even with that additional workout my shoulder's in pretty good shape today, so that's nice. Monday I also saw my Surgeon, who pronounced my mobility good and said he thought the pain and tenderness in my shoulder would be gone in six weeks. "Gone gone." He said.

Wednesday I came home to find "A Short Film About John Bolton" in our mailbox (Thanks, rikhei!) I took it and other birthday gifts and cards to my parents house, where we celebrated both Bill's and my belated birthdays to the sounds of "Amadeus"...

I still haven't seen my new DVD though. Wednesday it was all we could do to finish dinner and cake by midnight, and tonight Bill is deep into video games. I briefly flirted with going over to Mary's to watch it, but decided to be good and do more job search stuff (I got two applications in the mail this morning).

This weekend is more basement renovations and a couple of Holiday networking events.

I'm feeling a little short on sleep, but still happy. :)
Brian and Anne

Good book- warning, some content could be considered spoilers

Also, in the last few days I've devoured Calafia's Daughters, by Leigh Richards (known as Laurie R. King to those of you who read mysteries).

Calafia's Daughters is post-apocalyptic SF set along the West Coast of North America (formerly California and Oregon). It has fairly standard premises: a virus makes men scarce and women warriors, terrorism and war cut this region off from the rest of the world leaving pockets of radiation and people descended halfway to barbarism, the elders tell tales of Before, the peaceful are threatened by rising militant barons while certain enclaves preserve civilization in different ways, and a bisexual dog-trainer/hunter with a slight sixth sense deals with an unexpected pregnancy while pursuing a dangerous trip to investigate a possible threat to her people that turns into a quest to save a man from slavery to whom she owes her life (no, they are not romantically involved).

What's that you say? Oh, right, that last part isn't standard at all. It's a refreshing change, and a powerfully humanist book. And you should see the number of breasts that are bared in order to feed hungry babies. :)

I really enjoyed it, in that not-quite-guilty-pleasure sort of way. It's on my list of possibles for Hugo Nomination.