November 30th, 2004

Brian and Anne

Saturday, December 4 - I turn 30. What shall we do?

So I've been thinking that on Saturday a bunch of us should go to see Monkey Rampant at 8 pm at the Elbow Room in Ypsi, and I don't know what-all other than that. I'm not up for hosting anything at the house but we should do something for dinner before the show too. The Elbow Room doesn't care if we bring in food, but it's not really an eating establishment, it's a bar, so maybe we should eat elsewhere. There's a cool coffeehouse down the street where we could eat and play games or we could go to Dalat across the street.

Or we could start someplace on the East side of Ann Arbor (or even downtown) and then migrate to Ypsi. But that sounds complicated to me. You can probably tell I'm still tired. East side of Ann Arbor sounds less complicated than downtown.

So I wanted to bring it up in case anybody had some good suggestions. And to tell y'all who are local to save the date and plan to come join us.

I work until 5 so festivities would start after that. Let me know if you have any really exciting ideas.