November 3rd, 2004

Brian and Anne

Why not count the votes?

There is an old-fashioned thing called an election. People vote. You count the votes. Then you find out who won.

Why don't we do it that way any more?

In this article about the ACLU's suit in Florida over absentee ballots being mailed late (as in Saturday), there is mention of the fact that the deadline for votes to be received from voters living out of the country is November 12. How can those voters ever believe their vote makes a difference if the election results are declared before their vote is even required to arrive?

I hope Kerry doesn't concede this election.
Not yet, anyway, preferably not until November 12 or 14th.

Let the votes be counted, and let the votes count.

If Ohio really does go to Bush, I'm going to regret not taking a weekend to go down there and campaign like I was thinking of doing this summer.

Last night I felt like I was holding my breath. We turned the news radio off and I put on music and danced. My own personal escape mechanism, when I'm too stressed even to read.

Preliminary results last night suggested Proposal 2 was passing in Michigan. I said to Bill "I might have to march on Lansing. In fact, we might have to march across the whole state. Maybe that's a good thing to spend a couple of weeks doing next summer." "There's a trans-michigan trail," Bill replied helpfully. "It's up north a ways, and it's mostly a horse trail."

I feel mad and empty and helpless, all at the same time. This feeling gathers behind my eyes, threatening to express itself as tears. If only I had ray-beams of destruction that could come out of my eyes instead, that would feel more appropriate, somehow. Though I wouldn't want to melt my laptop and my desk. I know, I know, superpowers have their downsides. I sigh.
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