October 31st, 2004


Nice Fall Moments

On Friday Bill and I went wandering on errands and then off to find dinner. We ended up at the Dexter Pub, sitting upstairs next to a man fiddling around on an electric keyboard. We had fun figuring out what songs he was playing. The food wasn't incredible or anything (but the herb roasted redskin potatoes were really nice) but we had a really good time. When we initially went in, they said there would be a wait so we went back out and wandered around downtown Dexter. Across the street in the alley next to the bakery a cat came over to say hi. The smell of donuts was powerful on that side of the street and I was craving one but when we sat down to dinner they brought us bread and sweet cinnamon apple butter, which was even better.

On Saturday I walked to and from work in the wind and the leaves, enjoying the fall atmosphere. It was a bit damp on the way out but on the way back I could properly shuffle my feet through the leaves on the sidewalk. Downtown in the flower boxes near Borders, the ginkgo trees had dropped half their leaves into the burgundy impatiens, an inadvertent bouquet of wine and gold.

After work I came home and changed into my "Sexy" shirt and we went to Bombadill's in Ypsi to meet Liz, grab a sandwich and a game of Fluxx, and head on from there to The Elbow Room for the first performance of Ken's new sketch comedy troupe Monkey Rampant. Rikhei joined us for the show and it was very fun and funny and all that good stuff. They'll be performing there every Saturday at 8 from now on, and the cover charge was only $6. You should check them out. They did 20 sketches in random order determined by the audience ("Eight!" "TWEEEELVE!" "Okay, twelve it is.") which made it somewhat reminiscent of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, except that Too Much Light is neo-futurist and not always aiming to be funny. But they're good - if you haven't seen them, you should check them out too.

[The Elbow room is on Washington just south of Michigan Ave, right in downtown Ypsi.)

This is just about a perfect halloween day. Bill and I are planning to go fly his new kites. Later we'll give out candy to kids. We have a new light-up pumpkin that's in the window that Bill won at work. It was a costume contest for teddy bears, where the bears were to be donated to charity. Stitch kindly donated his Toga costume that some of you might remember from parties promoting ConFusion XXX. I donated a bear approximately Stitch's size. Bill won the contest. Now we have a pumpkin. This is the way the world turns and bears become pumpkins. Quite right for halloween.