October 18th, 2004

Brian and Anne

weekend happenings...

Let's see... The Saturday night dinner was fun and the Stilyagi meeting went pretty well. It had a very up ending as we called Chuck Firment on Brendan's cell phone and invited him to be the 2006 ConFusion Fan GoH on the spot. He accepted and it was fun to have put the topper on a good day for him.

I am pleased to say I have initial invitations out to three other nominees and Roxanne has agreed to do the other invitation. I'm actually on top of something! It's a good feeling. (too much smoffing does eventually make smoffing easier -- I had the email addresses for two of the nominees already...)

I also got to see Chuck on Sunday along with many of the other concom members. He was glowing- it was nice. I think it would have beeen a better concom meeting if I had had a real breakfast and/or lunch, but we limped along despite my low blood sugar and afterwards Chuck and I went to Depot Town for a sandwich. That made me late for the SFOHA board meeting but I had called ahead and no one seemed to mind. They all seemed more worried about my shoulder, which I was visibly favoring.

With their urging, I called my surgeon today and have an appointment to see him next monday morning. I haven't lost any mobility but then I didn't lose any when I initially hurt it, so that might not be a very good indicator for me.

After the SFOHA meeting, I went home and worked on finishing a couple of Top Michigan Women in Computing Bios for the AWC Gala program. I've got all but one done so I'm almost on top of that. In the meantime, Bill vaccuumed the house. It's much nicer now. We tried going to the Village Theatre for a movie but it turned out their website was wrong and the movie we were interested in wasn't actually showing. We went back home and Bill worked on getting the sewing machine working while I went downstairs to feed the oscars dinner.

That involved cutting up some goldfish that were too big to just drop in the tank. I have some observations about that, but I'll hide them behind a cut for the sake of the squeamish...

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