September 26th, 2004


I am very lucky in my parents

Currently my mom is up on the roof and my dad is wrangling a ladder. They are helping me prune the trees so that they won't hit the gutters this winter. That and dad and I pruned the front tree back from another tree it was crowding and generally thinned out one side to help with the ballance since it lost a large section that blew down this spring.

I say dad and I but mostly I've just been on the ground directing or ocassionally helping catch limbs (this sometimes involves ropes.) I'm on snack break because my hands started shaking. They are watching out very carefully for my shoulder, so there's a ton of stuff I'm not trying to do, just in case. That includes using a saw at all. My parents rock. rikhei is helping despite having a headache, so she gets kudos, too.