September 12th, 2004

Brian and Anne

The visiting went well..

It was good visit with family this weekend, though far too short a visit with my sister. We went for a walk downtown today before lunch and she spent the whole time taking pictures and being nostalgic about growing up in Ann Arbor and how lucky we were to grow up here and I felt like we didn't really get to talk, but our lives are so different it's always been hard to have a heart-to-heart anyway.

Bill's mom and Bill were both terrific about grocery shopping and cooking, so the dinner meal Saturday was a terrific success, and then lunch today was also very nice. After dad and I took Sarah to the airport mom and dad went home and Bill and I went down for a nap, pretty much from 3 to 6:30 this afternoon. Bill was really wonderful and gave me a massage at the beginning of that, so I was very relaxed and slept deeply. I was so tired! Left-over worldcon tired I would guess, plus going back to work after vacation.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do first in a multitude of options. There's so much to do! I continue to be boggled by anyone who manages to be bored in life.

But one of the things we did to prep for visiting was clean out the guest room so we could open the futon for Sarah to sleep on, and it looks very nice in there now. (there are stacks of confusion stuff in my office instead of that room, but that room looks nice. :) )