August 29th, 2004

Brian and Anne

Playing with wood

I'm putting together a base for the Hugo Ring Toss to be played at Noreascon. My design is no doubt more complicated than need be. Hopefully it will look neat. I don't know yet. It will surely be structurally stronger than it needs to be.

In the meantime, I have renewed my desire for a nice Radial Arm Saw. They make ones that can go at an angle now, so they have many of the advantages of a Chop saw, too. Cutting 2x4s and 1x2s to lengths on a table saw, I kept muttering to myself how much easier it would be with a radial arm saw. A couple years back I looked at them whenever we were in a store that had them, but when it became clear Bill needed the shop to be one of his spaces (with attending disarray that is his natural work environment) I gave up for a while on some of my workshop visions. Maybe we just need two workshops...

It would be nice to have a band saw, too. Bill has a scroll saw which in some applications is better, but I'm currently doing with a router what I might have been able to do with a band saw. With the router, though, it is kind of cool the way wood just disappears out from under the saw.