August 26th, 2004

Brian and Anne

progress and humidity

Last night murphyw made dinner while novapsyche and I went shoe shopping. It was very nice of her to take me shopping so I got her some shoes. There was a sale, so this wasn't as generous as this sounds. I picked out two pairs of shoes (well, one pair sandals, one pair low boots) for myself. As we left, she asked if I'd spent more than I expected, and I said no, less. She seemed surprised but couldn't argue with the fact that $12 is really cheap for shoes, and we got two pairs for around that.

I am historically allergic to shopping and in particular with Shoes I wear them into the ground before I go shopping. Bill assigns me "shoe penalties" and sends me out to replace ones that are falling appart or hurting my feet. I've recently learned that shopping is more fun with company and novapsyche was particularly good company. I like how silly and clever I feel with her around to laugh at my jokes. :)

We had a nice dinner of bacon pasta and salad, and watched a couple episodes of fourth season Simpsons. It being a school night, as we say around here, Janann headed home and Bill went to bed. I put on the new Dido CD, did the dishes, finished proofing what I had of Emerald City, read and sent some email regarding the Hugo awards (I'm helping run them in 2005, so plan to stop in at rehearsal this year and maybe help backstage, dunno yet), and found it was past midnight (shoot). I really am going to be well rested before this con (she's said before).

This morning I took out the garbage in the light rain and ran the dishwasher. August has decided to finally act like itself, so it's hot and muggy. I should have run the dishes last night, but I wanted that last glass to be in the bathroom in the middle of the night for me to get a drink of water. It's so muggy already, the steam from the machine makes very little difference.

I am now reading Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson. Very well written, as everybody says. Something in Emerald City reminded me I might feel embarrased if I went to N4 still not having read it. I'm enjoying it, not just reading it because I ought to.

Speaking of ought, though, it's time to start the official day that involves a paycheck...

Hoep somebody somewhere is enjoying nice weather.