August 9th, 2004

Brian and Anne

Back from the windy city

We just got back from a visit to Chicago. It was a nice visit, laid back and even with a chance to see Laura for a while!

This morning we went to the new Millenium Park and then on to the Art Institute. I posted some pictures over here. We went to see the "Seurat and the making of La Grande Jatte" exhibit and also a visiting exhibit of Japanese art. I was particularly pleased by a Japanese painting of a toad and, in the Seurat exhibit, there was a wonderful painting of a woman sitting on a hill. They also had many paintings by impressionists and other works that might have influenced Seurat, and a lot of his working sketches and studies that led up to "La Grand Jatte". It's an exhibit worth seeing.

Lunch was at the Berghoff. Also more than worthwhile. :)

When we got back home the first thing I did was finish reading Sunshine, by Robin McKinley, which turned out to be one of the best books I've read in ages. Neil's blurb calling it "pretty much perfect" was pretty much perfectly accurate. I love Robin's first two novels (Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword)and have been sad to see her re-tell so many pre-existing tales in books since. In this book she tells a story all her own and it's so wonderful I think I might have to write to her about it.