July 14th, 2004

Brian and Anne

Rt Shoulder update: Surgery tomorrow

Dr. Janda had a cancelation and I'm going in for surgery tomorrow. This is arthroscopic surgery involving three small incisions on my shoulder. He'll be fixing the tear and also removing a bone spur that's aggrivating it and preventing healing. It's an outpatient procedure which is expected to take about 3 hours.

I'll be unconcious for the surgery itself but he said I get to take home a video. :)

I'll be off work until Tuesday and then it's art fair so I'll have to be disciplined about not overstraining it at work, but I'll be able to move it and use it the next day, I'm just restricted from raising the arm above my shoulder for 7-10 days.

There are many theories about what I'll do during my time off. Most likely is that I'll sleep and read and watch movies, but lord knows I've got at least 24 hours of work to do for ConFusion, SFOHA, the washtenaw county democrats, and AWC, so maybe I'll peck away at that a bit.

I do want to read more hugo nominees, so that's a priority. Over vacation I did start on Campbell Nominee Karin Lowachee, and I recommend her first two novels. There are a few places where she takes far too many words to tell you something, but the books are pretty worthwhile.

I'll also be having a concom meeting Saturday and a SFOHA meeting Sunday.

Bill is right: I'm not very good at doing nothing.