May 19th, 2004

Brian and Anne

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LJ is very slow right now... (server response, not your postings)

Steve Silver posted a link to a very lovely rant by Kurt Vonnegut over at In These Times called "Cold Turkey". You would like it, Joe.

Bill and I draped our poplar saplings with Cheesecloth to protect them from potential cicadas. we haven't seem many cicadas so this area may not be hard hit but there were some out last night, so we figured this was the time to act. Now our four little trees look like ghosts standing in our back yard.

Which reminds me, the other day walking to work I passed (as usual) the Zion Lutheran Church, and the sign outside that announces the sermons said "The Way to God is Down." That seemed very specific and yet completely confusing to me. Any idea what that means?