April 25th, 2004

Brian and Anne

annoying keyboard input thing

Thought I'd post this and see if anyone has advice.

Lately sometimes when I'm typing, the insertion point will suddenly change - generally to eight or more characters back from where I had initially started typing. This is especially annoying when I go to type a URL and hit enter and find I have magically typed something like


so, it's really annoying. I'm on a laptop (DELL inspiron 2500) running Windows XP. I've occassionally wondered if the touchscreen isn't to blame. But there doesn't appear to be a control panel on the touchscreen.

So, I thought I'd ask: Does anyone have an idea why this is happening, or how to stop it?
Brian and Anne

(no subject)

okay, I finally got active and wrote to people in the Michigan house and senate opposing the Conscientious Objector Policy Act and the Marriage ammendment to the constitution.

It doesn't feel like I've done much, and I don't want to stop there, but at least it's something.