March 29th, 2004

Brian and Anne

A quiet Sunday

Yesterday was pretty quiet.

It was a good thing I had told tammylc I couldn't go to Ontario with her because my cold re-asserted itself and I was in bed sleeping or reading until nearly 2 (not counting a nice brunch Bill fixed for us around 11). On Saturday I had walked to and from work and that seems to have overdone it - I was back to coughing and occasional mild fever.

I got up in the afternoon and sat in the living room enjoying the wireless network Bill set up. Part of his motivation for that was his new XBox, on which he was racing much of the day. I got in a couple good solid hours doing AWC work before Bill and I decided it was time to cut his hair.

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I'm tired.

Today I've been tired and making silly mistakes - discovered I'd loaded the washing machine and started it but didn't close it so it had stopped at the spin point of the cycle. similarly I loaded the dishwasher, put soap in and closed it, but failed to lock it and start it. Both are on their way now. I think I might take another nap.
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