February 21st, 2004

Brian and Anne

Food Porn

Last Wednesday Bill and I ate at the Earle Uptown. We had a really nice time and wanted to write it up, so here goes.

Our friend Sean McClatchey is a chef there, so we followed his recommendations on food, starting with an appetiser of Oysters in a champagne sauce, followed by one entree each - The roasted breast of Duck served with pears and a raspberry sauce, and a thick Beef tenderloin topped with fois gras and Truffles. We ended the meal with two deserts, served sequentially - a dishe of white chocolate ice cream, and an Apple Tart, served with Clove ice cream.

For the wine, we asked their expert about a certain Zinfandel that had caught our eye because it was from the Shenandoah Valley. When we mentioned our tastes ran favorably to an Australian Shiraz but we wanted to try something different, she said we would probably like this Zinfandel, which was a soft wine that would go well with the food while still having some structure and character. We found all that to be true. The full identity of the wine is as such: Spelletich 2001 Zinfandel, "Tim and Edie's Vineyard" Shenandoah Valley, California.

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So we came out of it firmly recommending the Oysters, the Duck, and the Apple tart.

Perhaps we should also say something about the setting. The Earle Uptown is on the main floor of the Bell Tower Hotel. You enter through a door at the south side of the hotel lobby. It's not a large space - what a guide might call "intimate dining" - we had a reservation but didn't need one as it was not busy that night. Sean had recommended we come on a tuesday or wednesday. It's closed on Mondays and busy Thursday through Saturday. The table dressing was formal, but not particularly notable. The folders for the menu are very large, and Anne managed to knock her butter knife of the table with hers. The bar looks nice.

It all added up to a very nice night out.
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