January 12th, 2004

Brian and Anne

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still not well...

but the committee meeting yesterday went all right. I forgot two departments in the agenda but Tom and Tammy were gracious about it. I need to thank tammylc in general, both for hosting the meeting and for keeping it moving and making good suggestions such as lists to pass around for cellphone numbers and Thursday night dinner plans.

I came home very tired and went straight to bed, from which I arose later but only to eat a bowl of soup and watch Down With Love. I was coughing a bit and spent this morning in bed as well. My Juror number was not called in this afternoon, so I appear to be released from Jury Duty.

My thinking is that I'm not that good at running meetings. I have good instincts but often fail to follow through with them for fear of offending people, and so it was left to other people to quiet people overly loud in their fringe conversations and such, which should have been my responsibility.

But anyway, we got over it and I think all the most important points were touched upon, and we are on track to have a fine event, if a little more thin on programming than in recent past.
Brian and Anne


I need to pick out 3 more CDs to buy so I can cancel a BMG club membership before they send me anything monthly.

Any recommendations?