September 1st, 2003

Brian and Anne


I'm back from Torcon 3. It was fun. Might have been more fun if I hadn't been sick all weekend, but I managed to do an impressive job of forgetting that most of the time. [the unhappy flip side of that was that when I had to talk about being sick, like when I called my boss to let her know I probably wasn't going to be to work Tuesday, I found it really really upsetting to talk about and acknowledge. Even this evening, home with Bill, I got teary-eyed talking to Bill about the sleepless headachey Friday night experience... I slept some Saturday and Sunday nights, but not enough sleep is still affecting me I guess.]

The program ops crew all had a fun time putting out a spoof newsletter Sunday of the con, but I just found out from blogs that Neil Gaiman left in the middle of the day on sunday and therefore missed the bit I put in about him. I wonder if it would be considered poor form to mail him a copy?

Maybe someone will mention it to him. I thought it was the funniest part of my personal contribution to the hoax newsletter, but there were lots of other funny parts, and it was enjoyable to walk around the parties handing them out on Sunday night, listening to people chortle in our wake.
Brian and Anne

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Okay, I've finished at least scanning the past few days of livejournal. I also deleted all the spam from my inbox. left after that process was some AWC Gala mail that wasn't caught by my AWC Gala filter (and other group or list mail that was sorted out by various filters into other mailboxes), and an email from Erica S. to a group of us saying that she's now living in Washington DC and here's her address. No personal mail at all. Oh well.

Time to lie down in my fuzzy slipper socks and fuzzy shirt and see if I can doze without coughing or sneezing.

--I got in a really scary sneezing fit on the freeway on my drive home today. Every time you sneeze, you shut your eyes. That doesn't seem good at 75 miles per hour. The guys at the CARE station at the rest stop (a michigan thing where they serve free snacks on the holiday to encourage people to take a break from the road) said that sneezing makes all the muscles in your body contract, including your heart, so in a way it makes your heart stop. That wasn't really comforting.

not only did the sneezing fit scare me and run me out of kleenex, it also distracted me past the turnoff for 696, which I didn't realize until much later when it finally sunk in that I had passed 10 mile and 9 mile and was still on I-94. That worked to take me home anyway, and the traffic was quite reasonable, but I thought it funny that I didn't even notice missing that exit.

I made sure to occassionally massage my nose and sinuses and especially to press my upper lip under my nose to keep from doing any further sneezing on the last leg home.