August 4th, 2003

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

so, one of my friends posted today about creating a special friends list for writers and we were to self-select onto that list if we were interested or especially if we thought of ourselves as writers. Someone responded with something clever and amusing, and it struck me so: I'm not that kind of writer. I do think of myself as a writer and I think in my way I am a good writer, but I am also very straightforward in my writing. I rarely involve allusion or puns or other types of cleverness. My writing is sometimes fantastical and I can easily capture a moment that has never existed --just as I can draw a believable portrait of a person who does not exist, so that the person next to me has said "that's what's-his-name" even though... it wasn't.

But I'm not a clever writer and I don't expect I ever will be.