July 21st, 2003

Brian and Anne

Aren't I always busy...?

So it was a busy week last week, with the Art fiar and all. I had lunch with my grandma on Monday and on Wednesday or Thursday we went to th emal and got the new lenses installed in my glasses. From Wednesday through Saturday we had increased flow-through in the Caravan Shop, rather like a really good Saturday each day of the art fair. We sold stuff we don't usually sell, like the mobiles, and didn't sell any wind chimes, which I thought was odd.

I didn't see all of the fair, just the part between work and home, basically. I did stop to chat with a few artists about COnFusion, which was fun. I hope at least one of them decides to come or at least participate in the art show.

On Saturday we had our concom meeting. I was embarrased not to have introduced myself to the woman sitting at the other end of the group and not to have realised she was Roxanne until I declared none of the green room people were there and she spoke up to correct me. Still, I thought the meeting went pretty well. Dinner after was pretty nice too, though I was tired and missing Bill. I went home pretty soon after, having given my house key to Steve Hudson and Jeff Beeler, who were staying at our house. It is more house than we need, but it's nice having house guests. Earlier in the week Josh Trost and a couple friends stayed here when Josh stopped in to buy Bill's Impala.

Sunday we had our programming Brainstorm here at 1 pm. I had only announced it to ConFusion and AASFA people, rather than the Stilyagi list, and we had a pretty small turnout. The most exciting thing was that Ron Westrum, our Science GOH, was there. I really enjoy Ron, so that was nice. I kind of wish he had only stayed until 2 or 2:30, though, 'cause the meeting dragged on a bit after he left and what I had envisioned as a three hour meeting lasted until after 6. (we also got a bit of a late start) Still, it seemed very productive. In addition to Ron, Krysta, Matt Arnold, Eric Snyder, Steve Hudson, Jeff Beeler, and Bill Deisenroth were all there.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a terrific storm. Great bouts of lightning and thunder and torrential rain. It lulled me back to sleep fairly quickly after I unplugged the computer.

Today I got a good start on clearing out a backlog of old email. In one screen on my inbox, I can now see a listing that goes back into June.