June 10th, 2003

Brian and Anne

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Saturday Bill and Curtis got home and late that night we went to The Chop House for dinner. We were too late to join Eric's birthday party but we had a delightful dinner anyway, mostly steaks but also potatoes au gratin. The tender half of my porterhouse was amazingly buttery, one of the best steaks I've ever had.

Afterwards we shifted to the desert lounge and the three of us shared two deserts - the chocolate crepe with white chocolate mouse inside and a raspberry sauce (and thoughtfully, three raspberries), and the special of the day which was a chocolate cake topped with peanut butter mouse, with a light sprinkle of peanuts in between and chocolate sauce done artfully over the top and most of the plate. There was a garnish of bananas sugared in a creme broule style, which was also good.

Sunday we had a breakfast of pancakes and sausages. Tammy stopped by to hand over some confusion stuff for me. She sat with us for a taste of the food as we were just serving, but couldn't stay. I like having people drop by like that though.
Some of the stuff she brought over I took to the cube cleanup at 11. That went pretty well. I was there until 3 and enjoyed hanging out with everyone immensely, even if I did re-strain my wrist a little before I figured out I should leave the heavy lifting to other people.

After that we laid down for a long nap. When I woke up I finished M. Percy's He, She, and It, which was compelling but not entirely to my liking. Too much exposition repeated, as though we might have forgotten that The Black Zone is what once was the middle east, and stuff like that. Still, I liked the two-voice narration.

we ran out for chicken dinner and watche Tango and Cash, one of my favorite movies.

Yesterday went by all too quickly. On the way to and from my Chiropracter's appointment I enjoyed listening to Greg Brown's Dream Cafe, which Katherine has loaned me. I'm working on learning a song from it. I don't know the title, but the refrain is "you drive me crazy. I love you sooo much, I'm gonna drive you crazy too."

I bought some green pepper plants and a tomato plant and a garlic chive, and planted them. That was complicated by our realization that the garter snakes have nested under the middle of my garden. Nice sunny spot, why not? After having killed one of them last week I wasn't going to bother the rest. So I planted everything around the edges. It felt like progress.