May 16th, 2003

Brian and Anne

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The last couple days have been accompanied by much moaning and groaning. In a strange way, it's been kind of fun.

Tuesday was our first Softball game of the year. the official ump didn't show so it was actually just a scrimmage, but it was still fun. I played second string Rover and felt like I did pretty well, returning three balls to the infield and not letting any get past me. It was kind of nice not having to play the whole game. I didn't hit as well as I hope to, though, and was incorrectly called out at second after making what should have been a rewardingly agressive run for it. At least, Mary agreed that I was there before the ball got there.

So Wednesday I was sore. Then wednesday night Rikhei and Bill and I attacked the yardwork with vigor. Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. I was already sore, especially when bending over. Yesterday my right shoulder was so stiff it had noticably less flexibility than the left side, and it was hard not to grunt every time I openned the door to the basement at work (it's a heavy fire door).

Today I'll try not to seem like such a slacker at work.

Last night I even left work ten minutes early so we could get to Matrix Reloaded. We didn't have to, 'cause it turned out mom got on top of her schedule and got us a great place in line. We had fabulous seats. It was a fun movie. No spoilers here, but as we walked out of the theater Bill and I couldn't resist messing with the minds of the people going in by saying things like "I can't beleive they killed Neo." "Well I can't believe they killed Trinity!"

It was fun.

After the movie we went over to mom and dad's for dinner (lasagna!). Another late night, with us arriving home in time for the second half of The Simpsons.

In other news, I'm still way behind on some ConFusion stuff and Midfanzine work. Rikhei has been doing a couple projects for me, though, which should help. Bill is off to Hamvention this weekend, which should give me some extra time to catch up, provided I don't squander it.