April 3rd, 2003

Brian and Anne

Richard A. Muller

So, just read a surprizingly light article on technology in the Iraq war by Richard A. Muller. Muller is a physics professor at UC Berkely and a senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkely Laboratory. He offers a class called Physics for Future Presidents and writes a regular column for Technology Review called Technology for Presidents. More about that at his website. I'm interested to know if the rest of you have heard of him, and what you think of his writing.
Brian and Anne

(no subject)

I walked home from work yesterday, reading a collection of science fiction stories by women (Women of Wonder). It took me only 40 minutes and felt fine.

On the way I passed a well-healed professional woman talking on the phone. The snatch of her conversation I heard reminded me of the Zeitgeist discussion. It went something like this:

"We need to work up a language. She's planning to email them Friday morning. We need to work on the language. She should sample the conversation ..."

How interesting that I heard a sample of a conversation that had the words "sample the conversation" in it!
Brian and Anne

email broken

I don't seem to be able to get any email right now. it was iffy yesterday but today I'm not getting any, either from SBC or netmouse.com please post here if you want to get me a message, or call. Hopefully it will clear up shortly. let me know if mail is bouncing. Otherwise I'll assume I'm just out of contact with the server and it's being saved somewhere.

I sigh.

Work was very very slow today. I mostly spent the day moving around card displays. I set up a turn of Mother's day cards and moved the foreign language birthday cards from one place to another, making them all new placards as I went. Graduation cards are going up in their place, and in space that was formerly taken by other types of foreign language cards, which I've filed (wedding, anniversary, sympathy, get well, etc). Passover, Easter, Mother's day, and graduations. Busy season for cards.

I walked to work but it didn't feel very good. the back of my left knee is hurting in a way that makes me walk with a shortened stride. I tried to both avoid crouching and overextending the knee all day.

The baby guppies are visibly bigger.