February 17th, 2003

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

Having an on again off again every fifteen minutes day so far. I made an appointment to see the chiropractor at 3. Hopefully that will help relieve the headache and mental dullness.

Meetings this weekend were pretty good, the wrap-up meeting for the ConFusion Concom Saturday at 2 at Scott and Sue's and the SFOHA meeting Sunday at 2 here at our house. Stephen Lucchietti seems poised to energize the group's activities. I didn't go to the Stilyagi book club but I'm planning to go next month.. oh, wait, I was planning to go next month but that's the weekend of the St. Patrick's day South Side Irish parade in Chicago and Bill and I will be out of town. I'm reading the book anyway and I'll send comments through Chad and return the book to him the following week at the SFOHA meeting.

I ate too much Ham yesterday and my stomach was displeased with me - I did not sleep at all well last night.