December 6th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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had a nice evening last night. Cooked pork shoulder, which I don't think I've had before - a smoked pork shoulder butt. more flavorful than ham, but with a fair ammount of fat and gristle. Also ended up roasting some cabbage with it for an hour and a half. it was pretty good, actually. There weren't any juices 'cause the pork shoulder was wrapped, so the cabbage was dry roasted.

we finished painting the shelves and the table, played a little Spyro, and Bill told me about how funny it is trying to juggle different weight balls at the same time, especailly when passing to another person with three light ones and three heavy ones. As you switch to the heavy ones, he said, "it feels like you're sinking."
Brian and Anne

somehow I expected this...

A TAN Dragon Lies Beneath!

I took the Inner Dragon online quiz and found out I am a Tan Dragon on the inside. My Inner Dragon is the true draconic magic-user. Tans have been all but forgotten in popular literature, but that suits them just fine. They're slightly shy and spend most of their time in impassable mountain valleys. When feeling brave or adventurous, Tans use their shape-shifting ability to blend in with society. Given a choice, however, Tans still much prefer to be left to their own devices.

I like to spend time devising new and interesting spells, and counting my gigantic treasure. My favorable attributes are longevity, security, magic, and reverence for life. To top it off, my breath weapon is a curious mix of Fire and Air. Just tell folks to watch out, like all Tans I've got a seriously short temper!