December 3rd, 2002

Brian and Anne

I lost weight over thanksgiving!

According to my home scale, I weigh 170 lbs. another scale will tell me that I weigh 180-something, but I'm hoping this one, which I inherited from my mom, is at least internally consistent. According to it I started at 174 five weeks ago -I'm aiming for 166 by January. This past week I was especially careful to start with small helpings and stop when I was full, and I went on my daily walks every day except thursday and Sunday, and Sunday I made up for it by getting up early and doing a tae qwon do workout. Shoveling out the driveway yesterday probably didn't hurt either.

The whole thanksgiving holiday was pretty cool. Wednesday night we had a cooking party at mom and dad's and made candied yams and pies - we got a little wild on the pies. We started out planning to make two 10-inch pumpkin pies, then we miscalculated and ended up with pumpkin filling left. Bill and I thought it was only enough for 1 more pie, but dad made two more crusts. we poured in the filling and voila! it was only enough for one pie. So Bill ran down to the pantry for a jar of mincemeat and dad made another crust to go over the top, and we ended up with two extra 9-inch pies, which we took to Bill's mom's house on Friday.

The rest of the stuff we baked wednesday went with us to Bay City on Thursday - my cousin Bill Fletcher (first cousin, once removed, through my mom's mother's half-brother) hosted the Fletcher Thanksgiving at his new house. Barb and Fred, Bill's sister and brother, were also there, as were his parents, my aunt Margo and Uncle Fred. Barb's daughter Jenna couldn't come 'cause she's with ehr dad, but Fred's kids Tia and Max were there, and Tia brought a friend, Ian. The fourth cousin, Ric, was sick and didn't come, but his daughters did. That's Brook and Ashley, plus Ashley's husband Ian. It was quite a crowd. We watched football and had a very traditional thanksgiving feats, other than the fact that we couldn't all fit at the table at the same time.

After that we stopped in Saginaw for a short visit with my great Aunt Adeline (mom's dad's sister). That was a really nice visit, but it put us home pretty late. We really appreciated that dad had driven on that trip, since we left for Chicago the next day.

In Chicago we had a nice time, very low-key. I read a few books, we sorted through a boks of old table-linens, many of which I brought home to see if we can use, and we visited with Bill's mom, and Cory, and Curtis Sell, who was in town to hang out with his sister's family and spent Saturday afternoon/night with us at Bill's mom's house before heading back to Iowa Sunday.

I got a little closer to being able to juggle three balls around in a circle - a trick that Bill can't do! Not that I'm competitive or anything. I just like to be good at something. Bill is really enthusiastic about juggling right now and has made additional, heavier, juggling balls out of tennis balls by filling one set with rice and then, just last night, another with lead shot. He's going to get really strong arms juggling those.

My hands were really sore last night after an afternoon of sanding bookshelves and shoveling and sweeping snow; my right hand hurt to hold one of the new juggling balls, much less throw it. The thumb joint was particularly sore and still hurts a little today. I might have to do most of my painting with my left hand.