November 3rd, 2002

Brian and Anne

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Had a really nice time at the stilyagi party last night. getting ready for it took up way too much of my afternoon, but I guess that was okay. And I finally caught The Twilight Zone, which I had been curious about. --- Wow, does it suck. They completely give away the plot of each story in the intros. Creepy things aren't really supposed to be completely predictable. not and be interesting, anyhow.

Anyway, the party was good. I took tabouli salad and bread, the last of our candy corn, juice, and cups. Most everyone else brought deserts or pop, but there was some cider and someone eventually brought a veggie platter. I don't think I had too many cookies considering I stayed until nearly midnight.

The speachifying for 2004 ConFusion GoHs went a little long but Krysta did a great job of keeping it moving. BJ removed himself from the ballot (he was a fan GoH nominee). Everyone agreed Concom meetings count as business meetings, so I could vote. Krysta and Tammy and I tallied the ballots. Krysta read votes out loud while tammy and I made marks by names. two marks for a first-place choice, one mark for a second-place. I can't say who won, obviously, because we still have to invite people, but I think it's safe to note that there definitely seemed to be a high impact of having someone there at the meeting to speak for the nominee, show examples of why they were cool, etc. I think at least two of the people selected had more than one person speak up during the speech time to comment on them as nominees. For each nominee Krysta invited the person who nominated them to speak first, and then other people were welcome to comment.

Jeff Beeler wasn't feeling well and didn't come. We tried and I think did a fairly good job of representing why he had nominated his nominees, since either Krysta or Tammy or I knew them all well. There were, however, a few nominees who had just about nothing said about them, because the nominator wasn't there and other people didn't know them.

A couple of the nominees were local and obviously known personally by the people nominating them. We tried to encourage that contact info be sent to Programming whether or not they got elected.

My costume was a mixed success. That is to say, it was quite popular, but I always had to explain the idea behind it. A few people had trouble recognizing me without my glasses. It was interesting. I stayed a bit too late, playing a game called Outburst and afterwards swapping stories with Tammy, Eric, Jennifer, Seth, Hope, and Robyn. I was too tired to be quick enough for Outburst, and besides our team ended up with a fairly high number of categories where you're supposed to name people or bands and I'm not good at that sort of thing.

But anyway, the whole thing was fun.
Brian and Anne

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went over to Eric and Tammy's for dinner and gaming. I should get frozen potstickers at Hiller's sometime, they're pretty good. Bill's car really wasn't sounding too happy coming and going. I'm continuing his habit of parking it in the driveway backwards, even though I'm not as good at backing up as him.

There was a game in progress when I got there, that I never got the name to -a mix between Risk and Cosmic Encounter, I was told (a board game). After a while spent eating cheese and rinking wine with a little smoffing between me, Tammy, and Dennis Tabaczewski, whom I'd just met, Tammy gave me her spot while she switched to cooking. With help from pretty much everyone but especially Eric, Tammy and I won the game. Sue and Scott were also there with their dog, Zack. We took a break to eat and then played a couple quick games of Flux. I think I like that game. I won the first game (It would be interesting to keep track, but in my experience, there's something like an 80% chance that I will win a game the first time I ever play it). I also won the second game, but that was because Dennis gave me the win, which was largely because Sue and Scott needed to go and that gave us closure.

I left too and am very tired so I think I shall go straight to bed.