October 30th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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Today has been a good day. Got up fairly early and started the day by applying for a job! the contact is through monster.com - I sent the contact email and my resume, we'll see what comes of it. Then I helped Bill wake up, and really got going for the day.

I ran to meijer before meeting Rikhei at Angel Hall at 10:15. Unfortunately I had misunderstood the terms of dropping off film at meijer (they've changed since ten years ago! how dare they!) and my pictures were not ready yet.
Rikhei gave me a hand and I saved copies of my previously scanned thesis images and then we scanned some photos from California and also some photos from the road trip Sarah and I took in 1996. I think they turned out pretty well!

Rikhei left to go nap and lunch and I finished up the scanning and then headed to lunch myself - and none too soon.

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