September 26th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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for lack of time to catch up on back-entries I've been meaning to write, I'll just write a "today" entry.

Yesterday was better than the previous two days. I dropped off my car at the shop. Al and Jim of Al's Water Heaters brought us a brand-new water heater and installed it. They seemed pleased that we had knocked out the drywall beside the heater to make this possible. And I am pleased with the blue bar I bought us for that and other future purposes.

The afternoon was largely distracted by reading Murphy's Gambit, by Syne Mitchell. Syne can really write. There were a couple of inconsistencies a good copyeditor would have caught, but it was a refreshingly good read. And, speaking of refreshing, passes are made between adults (and turned down, even!) with no inferred power dynamic and little highschool-style embarrassment. Amazing. I finished that book this morning after taking over Bill's warm spot when he got out of bed to shower.

Highlights of the evening included watching the movie Dave, sorting through the last of the mail backlog from our vacation, hunting down moths and their caterpillars, who have infested our pantry, a phone call from Erica, and starting to put photos from the vacation into the lovely maple wood-covered photo album I bought in San Francisco. This morning I finished with the photos we have so far. There's still space in the album but there are also a few shots left on a roll still in the camera.

this afternoon I'm off hotel shopping with Tammy - both for next year's Midwest Construction and with an eye out for a new ConFusion hotel. The Crowne doesn't sound as promising as we'd hoped - only very small suites. More on that later.