September 18th, 2002

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

well, I started out on my way to my chiropractic appointment this morning and as I finished filling up the gas station and washing the windshield I finally remembered that my windshield wipers don't work at all -- and it was therefore foolish to head up to Howel on the freeway in the face of a looming storm.

As it started to sprinkle I correctly figured I could make it to mom's house, and she was nice enough to loan me her car for the trip. on the way home I stopped by the hardware store to pick up new lint filters for the washer. I hadn't planned to stop today as it was out of my way, but the entrance to Liberty off Stadium was completely closed due to construction so -voila!- it was on my way after all.

I have not started writing an actual review of our trip but I did start writing a web page of highlights of southern california that will begin a long-planned personal guide to interesting and worthwhile things in the U.S. (that I have been to).

the trip was generally really good. We brought home chocolate and a few
sand dollars and a new jigsaw puzzle and some books and a big bright purple
stuffed Octopus so you can tell it was a good trip.

A cuttle cuddle, Bill calls his new purple friend...