August 20th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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Dropped the car off at Ann Arbor Muffler at 8:35. Walked by the library to drop of Flatterland since we won't have time to read it before we leave for California. Got distracted looking in the barbershop/salon next door and finally went in and bought some hair-gel type stuff that is hopefully just like the stuff Sarah used to do my hair at Mark's wedding. if anything, this stuff has more hold. it's nifty stuff, has only a slight shine it adds to hair, and stays soft rather than getting crispy.

I dropped the movies back to the video store and could not resist stopping at McD's for a sausage egg mcmuffin. Bad Anne! oh well. I had M. Scott's Shape of their Hearts with me to read and it made a nice break, but it also left me sleepy when I finished the walk home. I replaced a button on Bill's fancy Black shirt for the Hugo ceremony and started on the mortgage calling around. Rates seem low and we probably ought to refinance, since we plan to keep the house for at least three years. It's kind of sad how little of our principal ballance we've paid back, on this 30-year schedule. Once I get a job we definitely have to go back to paying extra to the principal each year.