August 1st, 2002

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

I sigh. Deeply do I sigh. After all that reading and $1.40 in overdue fines at the library, I did not vote for the Hugos. I have been busy this week with house guests and hanging out with Joe and Aimee who live in California but are here prepping for their wedding, and I never remembered to tell myself "before this day, ye shall have voted" and now the deadline is past. If I'd read all my email yesterday evening I would have been reminded and done it but I came home from my soccer game exausted and in pain. My back and head hurt and I had been fighting heat exaustion and on top of that I re-strained my left knee (though not badly). I think I could have kept playing on my knee if not for the systemic situation. so I left the game mid-way through the second half even though that left our team short one player (we tied anyway). Walking sucked just then, so I watched the rest of the game from the stands after I calmed down and drank the rest of my water. I came home and took a shower and helped coach Bill on making a wonderful pasta dish for him and Brian and me, and then I went back upstairs and to bed, with only a brief interlude lying there reading Fool's War, by Sarah Zettel.

Not once during the whole day (which was also busy with lunch with Jenny and going to Chelsea to help make wedding favors) did I realise what the date was or even think about the hugos other than to confirm with Geri I would have time to help proof the Hugo Program.

On a tangential note, I have started reading the works of Lloyd Biggle, Jr. If anyone has some of his SF they'd be able to loan me, please let me know.