July 23rd, 2002

Brian and Anne

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wow, it's Tuesday already and I haven't written since thursday. huh. Well, it was a pretty good weekend, other than that it tired me out. Cory came for the weekend and he and Bill and I went down to the Art Fair with dad in the morning on Saturday. Cory and Bill gave up around 1 or 2 and headed home; I hung around with dad about another hour before we walked to Liberty and Seventh and parted ways. I said I would go help him with the garage but it was too late that day and Sunday I was just out of it so I still owe mom and dad that favor.

When I got home Bill and Cory were playing video games. Bill helped me make a cheesy ham and brocoli and pasta cassarole for the Grinnell Picnic and we went there around 5:30. That was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time talking to Rikei ('01) and also her friend Sarah ('02) about various profs and other things. They're both grad students here this fall and I'm hoping they'll come over sometimes.

After the picnic we went to see Wind Talkers, with nickolas cage. That's a good movie. It has an important reminder to say about war: nearly everyone dies. It has some other messages, but that was a major one to me. When the movie ended I sat for a few minutes, crying and imagining how I might put my thoughts together for this journal.

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