July 14th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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Had a nice trip to Chicago this weekend. Spent most of Saturday hanging out with George and Tanya and Little George and Leanna. The kids came to open the door and Bill immediately commented that Georgie looks a lot like Harry Potter. Later in the day we found out that Georgie had read the Harry Potter book and not liked it and therefore future references to his likeness to the main character are probably not recommended. He likes books like the Hardy Boys. Can't blame him. I like those kinds of books when I was his age.

The kids are both way smart. They don't talk so much around their parents, but get them alone and they talk plenty, especially after spending half the day together. Hopefully we'll have enough chances to hang out with these guys in the next few years that the kids won't feel shy around us anymore. We're a lot closer to Chicago in Ann Arbor than we were in Waterloo, so that should be possible.

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