July 9th, 2002

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

Well, I put my left knee out of joint at last night's soccer game. The really sad part was that I did it while stretching, before the game even started. You can get some funny injuries with cleats on. (last week I pulled the groin muscle in my right leg. Never done that before) I was coming up from a deep back-of-the-leg tae-kwon-do stretch like I've done hundreds of times and my left knee went slightly sideways out of joint (outward). It's been long enough since I've done that, at first I didn't recognize the feeling and thought my leg might be cramping. I took my weight off it immediately and went down to sitting and then recognized what happened and straightened it back into joint. --that's less of a pushing it back into joint than reaching below the knee and pulling it straight.

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