June 24th, 2002

Brian and Anne


mmm.. Had a lazy start to my day and then finally got out shopping and got shingaurds and soccer shorts and tube socks, and it wasn't half so expensive as I was afraid it might be. But I need to go back to Dunhams some other day and see if they get more of these Umbro Shorts in that are black. Didn't find Bike shorts I liked - have to try a bike store I guess.

Then I stopped home and changed to contact lenses and got water and everything together and headed out the door and down liberty and I had forgotten my inhaler! So rather than go full circle in the car, I circle around just to Virginia, which is only two blocks down liberty from our house, then I jogged the two blocks where liberty is away from our house to go home for my inhaler. It was a nice warm-up anyway. Not that I needed it - it was HOT today! High around 80 and humidity at around 80%.

So then on to the soccer! I am on the blue team. Before I forget all their names, they are: Martin, Chris, Bill and Brendan, Steve and Michelle, Joe, Steve, Kristen (I think), Tom. Once Tom showed up we had four subs, which was a good thing. Steve played goalie the first half, then Joe and Bill each took a quarter. Subbing was pretty much done on a random basis but I ended up playing defense all of the time. My ball handling skills aren't too rusty, but I don't have the speed I once had and I get winded very easily. The first half of the game especially, my heart kept racing, which I thought might have been partly due to the inhaler. I also dodged a couple of balls I should have gotten in front of the first quarter, but I got better later in the game and even used my head on the ball once. I took lots of breaks and lots of water over my head, and the sun wasn't so hot the second half of the game, and we ended up tied, five to five. The second half felt twice as fast as the first half. Shortly before the first half ended, Steve kept offering to bribe the ref to end the half early, we were so hot and tired.

But now I feel pretty good. Gonna shower and stretch and hopefully my Bill will be home soon! I feel very happy today.