May 25th, 2002

Brian and Anne


we had a lovely day in Cordoba wednesday and on Thursday spent four hours
back in Madrid before heading on to Alicante to visit with Rianti´s
parents, Arifa and Ramsey, who were just lovely people who made us feel
very at home and relaxed and reminded us of Andree and Conrad Deligdisch.
They actually lived just north of Alicante in a town called San Juan
de Alicante, but they picked us up from the train station, so this
was no problem.

Friday we did laundry, mailed postcards, and went on a short trip to see El Campeo, the village where mom remembers swimming when she was here. It is very developed now and she would hardly recognize it, but the peak of rock looks just like mom described, according to Sarah. We then had coffee (I had horchata) with Arifa and Ramsey, and Arifa and Sarah went shopping while Ramsey waited with the car and I sat on a wall and looked out over the
mediterranian sea. life is tough! a short siesta, a beautiful walk on the beach, dinner, and an accordion concert by Ramsey to top the night off. a lovely visit all around.

Today they put us on the train and we headed to Barcelona. on the train they played a documentary about American indians and The Diary of Bridget Jones (which we´d seen on the
way to Cordoba) and we dozed and watched the countryside - went through a lot of mountains
(literally) and for a while ran along the coast, which was neat.

Now we´re at Gothic Point Youth Hostel, we´re oriented, and we´re planning to make a night
of it (it is Saturday after all). I´´m kind of tired, but we´ll see how it goes.