May 3rd, 2002

Brian and Anne

New Bra Day (Black)

It seems like a good day so far. The sun is shining, Bill and got in some fun before he left for work, and when I checked my mail, I had a note from my advisor at school. He had sent me my file back with revisions, you may recall - well, he made those revisions directly on the document and then apologized that he'd forgotten to turn on tracking so I'd have to search out the small changes. I wrote him back that it was all right, I'd turned on tracking before I sent him the file, so I could easily review the changes (Word is clever in that it tracks which author (computer owner) made which changes).
This morning he writes me back:

    You truly are a wise woman!


Well, it's about time, I think. :)

Yesterday went fairly well, and the AASFA meeting was pretty good. I enjoyed hanging out with Krysta and Tammy a little bit after the meeting. Krysta says the Michigan Union has pretty good pool tables, and mondays women are free. Tammy suggested a fish store outing for Saturday that Bill and I might go on.

After the meeting Bill and I met at the Gym and had a good workout. Then we went home and after Bill brought his chocobo up two new skill levels in Final Fantasy we put on The Serpent's Kiss.
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