May 2nd, 2002

Brian and Anne

(no subject)

Yay! My supervisor actually wrote back to me by email! it's amazing!
Unfortunately he won't be back at the university until May 7, but hopefully I can get him to review chapter 8 changes by email as well.

Had a pretty nice evening last night, went for a walk to pick up a pizza and rent a movie and discovered the ice cream shop was GIVING AWAY free scoops of ice cream! We stopped and got some, of course. We rented Stepmom, which we watched last night, and um... (looks) The Serpent's Kiss -which I picked out mainly because it has Ewan MacGregor in it and I'm curious about his other work (I've only seen Moulin Rouge and The Phantom Menace). We'll probably watch that either tonight or later this weekend, 'cause tomorrow I'm hoping we'll go see Spiderman!

This morning I got out of the shower to the sound of the door closing and Bill was gone! -Just gone outside, it turned out, to talk to the construction guys who are even now drilling a hole under the lawn beside our house to put in a pipe for this drainage work (long story-maybe later).

Stepmom was pretty good, by the way. It's interesting to see Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon in a film together -they're such different actresses.