April 29th, 2002

Brian and Anne

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Okay. Let's see. Yesterday we watched Heartbreakers and Zoolander. Two stupid movies, chosen for that quality.

I also expressed some insecurities to Bill about whether or not he's passionate about me, and we addressed those in a nice hands-on sort of way.

I spent most of the day Sunday suffering from a sort of hiccuping burping that indicates I'm very stressed and distressed. I read Bave Barry's novel "Big Trouble late into the night Saturday. When I stopped at midnight I got scared that I had heard the back door open, woke Bill and had him stay in the bedroom awake while I went down and checked the main floor and locked the back door. We usually keep it locked.. maybe my fright was just my subconscious' letting me know it had figured out it wasn't locked. I don't like irrational fear.

I did not make any progress on my thesis this weekend.

Bill's mom left in the afternoon Sunday after a nice lunch of leftovers.

The christmas tree is now off the back porch, thanks to Bill and his mom cutting it up while I was out grocery shopping saturday. That was nice of them.

I'm looking forward to seeing my sister in a couple weeks.

I'm going to go off the net now for a couple hours, have lunch, try to work on thesis revisions. I should be able to get all the simple formatting ones done today, plus error re-analysis as requested by my first reader.

wish me luck.
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Brian and Anne

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I'm feeling some better. I took 800 Milligrams of Ibuprofen and went down to the Library for a while. Getting away from the jackhammers that were working out in the street seemed to help a lot.

slowly getting into the groove of getting school work done.

I wish the server here would do a more consistent job of letting me look at my friends page. Maybe I should pay for my journal.