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Life Proceeds Apace

I was telling Laura the other day, I imagine some people whose husbands were gone would end up asking "what shall I do with myself?" but I have never had that problem. I am among the chronically overbooked and overcommitted, so really, I'm just hoping to catch up a little while he's away. :)

So, this past week I've been duplicating SFOHA tapes for Wiscon and for the ISFiC Press Worldcon GoH book project, proofing a short works collection by Tad Williams for Subterranean Press, cleaning the house, and kick-starting my spring exercise regimen (now with Belly Dancing!). I also cleaned Bill's car, which we're loaning to my dad, updated the ConFusion website to say PZ Myers instead of Paul and to be linked from the main ConFusion web page, attended the Penguicon concom meeting, and enjoyed hanging out with atdt1991, the_leewit, and matt_arnold. Oh, and I read Worldwired, by Elizabeth Bear, continuing an excellent series.

Yesterday I got a package back from Bill with some journaling in it that I'll post to his journal tonight. This morning I packed and mailed him a box to Fontana Dam, which is his last stop before the smokies. Unfortunately it was only after I sealed it that I noticed the note that said "this is the coldest part of the trail. Send Cocoa!" I sent a little. He might want to buy more. Last time we talked on the phone (Tuesday) he said he was carrying too much food so hopefully what I sent him for the 78 miles of the smoky mountains doesn't seem ridiculous.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll get my book review off to Emerald City, which I am geeked to see has made the Hugo Ballot as a Semiprozine, and get those sfoha tapes in the mail, hopefully, and then in the evening tomorrow I head to Aggiecon, in Texas, for a three-day weekend I'm really looking forward to.

Most of my Penguicon ToDos will have to wait until I get back. I'm counting on finding internet access there to post the proofed Emerald City back to Cheryl, which I will probably proof on the plane, but other than that, I'm taking a break. I mean, I'll be doing Audio Recording for SFOHA at the con, but, well, you know. A me-style break.

When I get back we have a big presentation/demo on Tuesday with my main project's clients, so work has been really busy and stressful. I could use a break. The warm will be nice too.

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