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Zer Netmouse
February 24th, 2006
04:58 pm


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I appear to have a cold. Just a mild one, and the strategy of staying home from work, stuffing myself full of vitamins and zinc and ecinacea and sleeping almost all day seems to be working to head it off at the pass. Gosh, but I feel loggy-headed from sleeping all day.

anyway, I will not be at the Penguicon concom meeting. I hope I get over this fully before Bill gets home from San Francisco on Sunday.

The nice part was the sun was out all day, so it was a nice day to stay home --the living room was warm and I slept on the couch when I wasn't sitting up working on my laptop. I wish I could see the sunshine when I'm in my office at work. I nearly took a cubicle in another area of the building just so that I would, but it's nice to have an office with a door and I like my location near my sector lead and project manager.

The people who did the work in our building putting in office walls had such mixed up ideas. In another part of the building there's a great wall of windows. facing a galley-like area where a couple copiers and a fridge can enjoy the view. Cut off from the offices just beyond.

The folks in that section have put a comfy chair in an unused cubicle at the end of the galley. I go there sometimes to sit and look out, to think.

Hope you got to see sunshine, today. It's a cheery sort of thing.

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