Anne (netmouse) wrote,

things to send Bill while he's on the trail

Yesterday Bill and I went through a store and he pointed out a subset of some good things to send him while he's on the AT. he keeps telling me new things...

Jolly Ranchers
Strawberry Frosted pop-tarts (fruit flavors are good, the rest are too sweet)
grandma's old-fashioned oatmeal raison cookies
little debbie cakes
Any nuts, especially walnuts - highest protein per pound
dried fruit
combos with no salt on 'em
sunflower seeds that don't require shelling
Easy Mac N Cheese
little salami sticks, pepperoni
beef jerky, but not more than a 1/2 pound at a time -- too salty
canned chicken
Chicken and Tuna packaged in foil pouches
Tuna helper
canned bean paste
double-stuff oreos
lipton noodles
instant mashed potatos
powdered milk - hard to find in small towns - send 1 and a half or two quarts of milk and a bag of Muslix
graham crakers
plastic jar of nutella
chocolate truffles from Trader Joe's
Nutra-grain bars in red flavors
snickers bars
Nature Valley granola bars -assorted
assorted oatmeal pouches
hot cocoa
instant chocolate pudding

little jars of olive oil or squeezable butter
Parmesan cheese
brick of really good cheddar

powdered gatorade
single cans of unusual food (peaches, etc) for immediate consumption

Hand Sanitizer
light jars of lip balm (?)
small rolls of duct tape for fixing gear
packing tape and address labels for shipping boxes back home

* not too many cookies at once.

See also Bill's list over here

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