Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Okay, so, I actually did get some work done yesterday after going to my mom's house. Mom spent the whole afternoon slowly pruning the rose bush in her back yard (her back is spasming). I finished tallying errors by mode for the subsections of participants who used different display designs, and I did a substantial amount of the results re-write.

Then I went to the gym to meet Bill. I think next time he calls me close to five and invites me to drive someplace I'm going to propose going later. The gym wasn't too crowded but the traffic was terrible getting there.

When we got home Bill was worn out from two hours at the gym and I got to play house mother and feed everyone. (Bill, the fishes, the other fishes...)

I finally got the chance to see Smallville though, getting back from the gym so early. I can see why the young man playing Clark is considered to be doing a good job, but Bill and I agreed that the script and plot were weak. And I just couldn't get over how many people reacted to an oncoming swarm of bees by standing stock still and opening their mouths to scream. We saw some of Gilmore girls, too. I guess Smallville is on later than I thought. Gilmore girls is basically stupid except for the mother/daughter interaction -and the mother gets some good lines on her own, too.

"Do you remember Shirley Temple having a fit at the hospital desk in Terms of Endearment? 'Cause she took that from me, and she toned it down a little, so once again, I'm looking for my daughter?"

At mom's house I had a snack of cottage cheese and crushed pineapple. I should remember that, it's good.
I'm eating a lot of cheese lately. I don't know why. I ate all the leftover Mac and Cheese from Monday's dinner yesterday at 11 am. I did not feel good about that. That's why I got off my duff to go to mom's. I'm planning to go back there today.

I got an email from my supervisor today. He thinks I should re-write my last two chapters the way I had already planned, based on the reader's suggestions, so that's good. It always surprises me when Dan actually uses email.

Have a good day, all.

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