Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Dear Book,

(I used to keep a paper journal and sometimes started entries that way.)

It's been a pretty decent weekend, I guess. Friday after work I was tired and Bill was restless. I rested a bit and we headed out with thoughts of getting hair cuts but it seemed too close to closing at the hair cutters so we dropped over to Chelsea to see about a dessert that Bill's been craving, but the Common Grill was closed that day for renovations, so we came back and ended up watching Days of Thunder. Not that good of a movie. I much prefered another movie we saw recently, called "Blow Dry", starring Alan Rickman. Maybe I'll talk more about that in a later post.

Saturday started kind of early, with brendand and me heading over to tammylc's at 9 to pick her up to go to Troy for the ConFusion concom meeting at 10 at the hotel. The roads and sidewalks were really icy on the way there and after some phone discussion with Tammy, who was inside looking at traffic accident and road closing reports on the internet, and Krysta, who was heading to the hotel anyway, Brendan and I went inside to wait out the 9 am to 11 am forecasted "freezing drizzle". It was kind of nice hanging out and chatting while we waited to see if people were really making it to the hotel. I even had internet so I could chat with a couple friends who are meeting IRL for the first time this weekend. It was nice to hear their visit is going well.

We finally decided not to take the dangerous drive ourselves. Tammy made fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and around 12:00 or so the concom meeting scheduled for 10 AM got under way. The three of us conferenced in through Eric's phone (to Krysta's, at the meeting), and it was good to exchange questions and answers with the committee. Only two weeks to go. Looks like there's going to be a convention. :)

I was a little bummed because not traveling meant I had to cancel seeing matt_arnold for lunch, and when I got home at nearly 2 I was really tired. After some jigsaw puzzling and a snack, Bill and I both lay down for a nap. When I got up I tried to make inroads on our Newsletter, which yesterday morning we had thought to try to get out before the postal rates went up today, but I got bogged down in updating our address list from the Sept 2004 backup I had, and I couldn't get much enthusiasm for the project. rikhei came over with her friend Erik and I mostly gave in to the draw of the jigsaw puzzle.

It's a pretty cool jigsaw puzzle, which my dad gave me for my birthday this year. 1500 pieces, nearly all green. tree frog peeking over a leaf. We had maybe 600 pieces to go when Rikhei and Erik arrived. I finished it shortly after midnight. Guests had gone and I was the last one up, playing short scenes from unwritten stories through my head as I fitted pieces together.

Today I need to finish some editing, make some ConFusion-related phone calls, maybe finish putting out the newsletter even though now it requires additional 2 cent stamps. I think next I'm going to do some exercising though. Haven't done nearly enough of that since I started being sick.

(no, for those of you who are keeping track, I am still not fully well. sick since mid-november. On new medicine (advair) since mid-december, which seems to be working. My voice is nearly totally back, but it still wears out more easily than normal and I hardly even can tell what normal use would do to me since I've gotten out of the habit of projecting my voice anyway...)

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