Anne (netmouse) wrote,

A quiet birthday

The sun is shining on a thin blanket of snow. There was snow the day I was born, but much deeper, in this same city in 1974. I don't know what time they left for the hospital but I was born around 4:30 in the afternoon. That's exactly the opposite of when most people are born, if clock-times have opposites. "You just had to be different" says skzbrust. Well, maybe. I rather doubt I had much influence on it, but then my parents have always encouraged me to be different, or at least to be me.

I talked to scalzi last night and read his story "Sarah's Sister", which seemed appropriate given that my older sister's name is Sarah. For a compulsive proofreader like me, it's a special treat to read a story online while in contact with the author whose site it's on, so you can send him little corrections and hear back that the fixes have been made, almost instantly. I find those moments really rewarding, when I've made little differences in things like publications. Thank you to everyone who has given me opportunities to make little differences like that.

I still feel like I've yet to figure out what larger difference I might make in the world, but (knock on wood) I have plenty of time.

Today will be a quiet day. I've done some cleaning and taking care of myself and plan to do more. I'm still sick and trying not to talk too much. metalfatigue wished me a "happy mute birthday" and that's not far off. I plan to be quiet. I'll go to the ConFusion ConCom meeting at 4 and then to my parents' for dinner. My dad has agreed to make his spaghetti like he always used to for my birthday in those years when I was young, when all the families we were close to from the street where I was born would get together for my birthday. It was really just an excuse to get together that was far enough before Christmas that everyone wasn't busy already, but I always liked seeing everyone together. I now know that having a consistent community like I've had growing up is rare, and I cherish it all the more.

Yesterday was quiet too. murphyw cooked breakfast and lunch and dinner and I slept and read and roused myself enough to go out and buy myself a cute, warm pair of boots for the winter. We had two cats delivered who are rooming here for a week while their owners move to Chicago. The cats have so far only moved from hiding in the bottom of the bookcase in the den to hiding underneath the wingback chair (2 feet away from where they started), but hopefully they will be willing to come out and say hi ere long.

So you all enjoy the sunshine. I ordered it special. Happy birthday to me. :)
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